Oct 12, 2014

Komodo and Flores Coffee

Komodo and Floresian house became icon for this coffee product.
Robusta coffes powder from Flores, Timor.

Oct 6, 2014

The Queen of Bali

The Queen of Bali = Ratu Bali.
High quality plastic bag (HDPE) as written on this label.

Jul 13, 2014

Simple Illustration of A Manual

Every purchase of a product I always like to see manual or instructions for use. 
I really like this manual of water heater, for some reason. 
Simple picture. Clear message. That's it!

Apr 16, 2014

Twin Elephants

Raincoat label: "Twin Elephants".
There are so many labels that use elephant as an icon. 
It gives the impression that the product is as strong as elephant.

Mar 10, 2014

Excerpt from Old Magazine

"Aneka Model Apron/Celemek". 
Sebuah cuplikan dari bonus Majalah Shinta No.12 Januari 1977. 
Gambarnya bagus sangat dan unik. 
Sayang sekali, illustratornya tidak diketahui. Tidak ada credit title.
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