Oct 25, 2011

Mi Jagung - Corn Noodles

Simple and plain graphical label of a noodle product. Perhaps too simple. Look at picture of farmer in the upper left. The colors and fonts used. As if made ​​by person who are just learning to design.
From Tangerang, West Java, Indonesia
kenyal dan gurih = chewy and tasty.
pertama di Indonesia = first in Indonesia.

Oct 6, 2011

Coffee Powder "Tetap Sejati" from North Sulawesi

Natural coffee flavor from Sulawesi.
Look at picture of a man were drinking coffee. 
That's unique man!
Tetap Sejati = remains true.
Kopi bubuk = coffee powder.
Asli = pure.
Enak rasanya = tasty.
Harum baunya = fragrant.
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