Dec 19, 2011

Two-Headed Tarzan

I was so surprised and amused to see this label. 
What a crazy idea to use this two-headed Tarzan for labelling? 
Its a sarong's label. 
Sarong usually used in South East Nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam etc. 
Tarzan Kepala Dua = two-headed tarzan
tenunan Indonesia asli = Indonesian original woven
ditanggung tidak luntur = guaranteed not to fade
source: Facebook @ Tiksna Pramudita

Dec 17, 2011

You Can Borrow This but Don't Subscribed

Pinjam Boleh Asal Jangan Langganan = You Can Borrow This but Don't Subscribed.
One of popular sticker commonly encountered in the third-class community.
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