Aug 6, 2009

Jasmine Tea: Teh Tang, Teh Pecut and Teh Tjatoet

These are Indonesian various jasmine tea label. Silkscreened on a paper. In Indonesia, jasmine tea are packed with papers and plastics not tin-packed. 
Unusual objects chosen: Pliers and Whip. 

Tang: pliers
Pecut: horsewhip
Tjatoet (Javanese): pliers.


Aug 3, 2009

Parking Ticket

This is ticket for parking automobiles in a kind of restaurant. For a modern restaurant not an old-style one. I found it in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia.

Note: See that there's an old-automobile used for illustration of this present-day-ticket. Why old-automobile? Why not use new models?

karcis parkir: parking ticket
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