Jan 25, 2010

Teh Naga Super

"Teh Naga Super": "Dragon Tea Super"

An interesting and unique of this label is the selection of the Dragon figure as a trademark.
As we know, dragon is the imaginative animal from China, not from Lawang, East Java as it's written in this package. 

Are dragons like to drink tea, thus selected as the label? Or by drinking this tea you will become as strong as a dragon? Anyway this is a truly unique tea label.

Screen printing on a paper as packaging.

Jan 22, 2010

Various Graphic Label: Wingko Babad

These are 3 graphics design for Wingko Babad
Wingko Babad is typical food from Semarang, Central Java, made of glutinous rice and coconut. 
As seen here a picture of rail station -possibly because these snacks sold at many train stations- and there is also the silhouette of a Javanese's traditional house (joglo) that show the impression of Taman Sari (the royal family's garden palace).
Screen printing on paper as a packaging.

Jan 21, 2010

Bus Ticket #1

Bus ticket for route Surabaya - Malang, East Java. Here we can see simple message and simple picture as well (see picture of the bus). There are no similarity with everyday-life bus. A Toyota? Not by a long shot. Ford? Far from it. Mitsubishi? Not at all.

P.O. HAFANA - HAFANA autobus company
Bus Cepat Terbatas - a limited bus route.

Jan 19, 2010

Hawai in Harvest

Packing label for maizena named "Hawai in Harvest". 

Here are pictures of people wearing a peci (Indonesian cap) and caping (traditional hat, like Vietnam hat). 
Why named Hawai? As you see, these are profile of Indonesian peoples, not Hawaiian.
I do not find any relevance between the image profiles of Indonesian, maizena, and Hawaii. But I think its funny & unique.

Jan 13, 2010

Some Food Labels from Padang, West Sumatra

Some food labels from Padang, West Sumatra.
As we know a lot of Padangese migrate to Java and then they open many famous restaurant with their unique spice.
Spice with a lot of chilis and, of course, it's very "hot".
Rendang (curry) is the famous menu.
Labels screen printed on HVS, except photo in the middle: only stamped.

Jan 3, 2010

Graphics Label for Lunpia, A Specific Indonesian Food

"Lunpia Mataram Bang Herman."
1) Lunpia is a kind of fried snacks.
Made from flour dough rolled up with the contents of bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, chicken and carrots. Ordinary served with hot tea. It's a typical food from Semarang, Central Java. 2) Mataram is the area of origin Lunpia. 3) Bang Herman was the cook or the owner.
It says here: "Jangan keliru ini yang asli" means: "Do not be mistaken this is the original". What guarantee? There is no hologram, there is also no original sticker. That means anyone can print these labels very easily. And that women just look sad, with her red dress. Why?

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