Feb 28, 2011

Shrimp Cracker - Kelapa Gading

As usual, there are lots of graphical labels in Indonesia which is NOT always associated with the products.
Graphic label that I posted today is the product of shrimp crackers with  "Kelapa Gading : Ivory Coconut" as a label.
There is no direct relationship between the product and the label. Why use a picture of coconut for labelling shrimp crackers?
This one is from Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia.

kerupuk udang : shrimp cracker
kwalitet istimewa : special quality.
enak, gurih, nikmat : tasty, spicy, delicious

Feb 25, 2011

Nothing But The Highway

Highways/Toll roads are necessity for a big city. Like in Jakarta, Indonesia, many of highways were built to reducing traffic jam
But I do not want to talk about that traffic jam. Here, I'm posting various toll road tickets. I collected from many toll gates in Jakarta. Every ticket looks the same, because under the management of one company, PT Jasa Marga.
For me, these tickets looks boring and uninteresting. But because of the use that can be thrown away (disposable) then why should be attractive-looking?

Feb 21, 2011

"Suzanna" Chocolate Nougat

Nougat with pictorial label: side-view of a lady. Ancient woman. Realistic picture in grayscale. Why not used front-view portrait?.
This product made by the chocolate factory "ABADI" from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Classic touch. Its taste good too. 

Feb 10, 2011

Fireball 999

Jasmine tea use Bola ApiFireball as graphic label. What is that means? I don't know...
perusahaan teh: tea company
bola api: fireball
teh tjap tiga 9: tea with three of number 9

Feb 7, 2011

This is TIC-TAS not TIC -TAC

Introducing: "TIC-TAS".
Do you remember Tic-Tac? This mint-flavored candy or spicy flavor was very popular in the 80's.  
Photo above is the product of plastic bags with the idea-name of  "Tic-Tac". This one from East Java,  Indonesia. Offset-printed on HVS paper.

tas: bag
aman untuk kemasan: safe for packaging
hidup baru: new life, manufacturer of this plastic bag.
jaminan mutu: quality guaranteed 
isi dijamin tepat: right content guaranteed (it means number of bags in one pack: 50/100 pcs)
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