Oct 29, 2009

Corn for cigars

Corn (and paddy) for cigarette label's. What's the relation between corn and paddy with cigars?
The cornfield was beside to the tobacco fields? The owner was so rich that he has cornfield, paddy field and tobacco field? Or there were many personal reason that we do not have to be explained.
"NASERUN" (do you see the lettering? uh) probably was the owner of this home industry.

(indonesian) : corn
padi (indonesian) : paddy
sigarete kretek : blank cigars without filter.

Oct 27, 2009

Various Plastic-Straw Label

Teddy Bear, Apple, and Manggis were chosen for these labels. Manggis is a tropical fruits, easy to find in Indonesia.

These labels silkscreened on thin paper with simple approach and straight message. These straws usually made from recycled plastic. Don't ask me what the color of these straw because of the recycled material (of course, not in white).

sedotan (indonesian) : straw
beruang (indonesian) : bear
apel (indonesian) : apple
manggis : indonesian fruit

Oct 21, 2009

"Safe" Cigarette Label

Cigarette-pack label named "SAFE".
The important question for this label was: "With 33.8 mg tar and 1.8 nicotine is it really s-a-f-e?" "And safe from what?" "Safe for whom?"
Anyway, this kind of cigarette was so popular in Malang, especially in lower community.
Produced by PT. UTAMA MAMA (indonesian) means: the very best mother, a home industy, only for local distribution.
As we know, a good mother will not produce a pack of cigarettes named SAFE that higienically proven isn't safe.

Oct 18, 2009

Wooden Bus

Wooden bus. A handmade toy that made from rejected-wood. Not quite similar to original bus. But it's OK. We can moved this toy manually. Just push it or pull it. No batteries needed. I found it in Gembira Loka Zoo Market, Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

Oct 17, 2009

Snapshot: "Coconut-ice Seller"

This old man was selling "coconut-ice". He walked around with his "wheeled-showcase" in a neighbourhoud of Sawojajar, Malang, East Java. With his smiley-face he asked everyone who want to buy a cup of "coconut-ice".
Don't asked him, where or how he wash-out the dishes.

es (indonesian) : ice
degan (javanese) : coconut

Snapshot: "Banana Seller"

This old lady was selling bananas in a traditional market in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Only a few bananas showed on this old-wood table, in the corner of the market. She looked so quiet.

Oct 7, 2009

Various Images for Plastic-Rope's Label

There are many "plastic-rope" especially used in Indonesian traditional market for tied foods, stuffs or pets.
Images use for that labels are various: from mountain to dragon to Semar (wayang character), labels silk-screened on paper.
There are still no explanation nor reason about why that images used for label.

tali rafia: recycled plastic rope
tali ulet: tough rope
kwalitet terjamin: quality guaranteed
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