Dec 30, 2009

3rd Class Train Ticket

Indonesian 3rd class train ticket. Size 4 x 6 cm. Printed on hard paper. In fact, many people ride this train without buying a ticket. They simply give the ticket examiners enough money according to agreement (which of course is cheaper than the ticket price). 

Dec 23, 2009

School Uniform's Label

This is school uniform's label. With picture of students wearing uniforms. This naive drawing really amaze me! The good reason for me to start 'collecting unique labels'. 
I think this is very 'Indonesia" and I love it very much.

special seragam sekolah: special school uniforms

Dec 2, 2009

Original "NOKIA" from Indonesia

I do not know these a creative people's work or the work of the plagiarist. NOKIA labels used for sandals! What's on their mind, I really don't know why.
Clearly, this NOKIA will not be able to call or facebooking. It only used for footwear.
I still laughing staring at this.

I got this photo from Gati Kusumo Budiani.
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