May 1, 2009

Javanese Fried Chicken: MBOK BEREK

This is a carton box label for ayam goreng.
"Ayam goreng" means Fried chicken.
"Mbok Berek" is the famous Javanese-fried-chicken-cooker in Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia (like Colonel Sanders in U.S.) and it's probably become an icon. 
If we talk about Javanese fried chicken we have to talk about Mbok Berek. Pugeran is the address.
But there were 2 different name: Ny. Pawiro Dikoro and Ny. Kadarmiyatun Sudarman. 
The question is: Who is the real owner of this fried chicken? But times go on and there are no patent crises. 

Silkscreen on carton box/package.
Size 30 x 30 cm.

Pepper Label: AYAM LEGHORN

Pepper Label: Ayam Leghorn (Leghorn Chicken)
Silkscreen on HVS paper, 10 x 4 cm.

"Bubuk Merica" (Indonesian) means "Pepper Powder".
What is the relation between chicken and pepper?
Why chicken used for pepper label?
The Truth is Out There...

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