Mar 30, 2010

Grandma Selling Fantastic Food

This photo was taken by Tarsisius Wintoro, my fellow friend founder of  JAPEMETHE COMMUNITY, in traditional market near Minggir, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Central Java (in December 2009).  
There are many fantastic food with unique taste and served in traditional way. This "Incredile Grandma" was selling TEMPE BACEM. Although she was too old she do not want to let sit and stand idle. She was a hard working grandma.
TEMPE BACEM is a kind of Javanese traditional food made from fried soy beans with spiced sugar. It's will (truly!) leave a fantastic taste in your mouth. If you have a visit to Yogyakarta you should try it. Feel the uniqueness and the hospitality of Yogyakarta.

Mar 25, 2010

Poster "Ojo Doemeh"

This poster was a modified version of a cover of coloring books for elementary school in the 1970's. The condition was full of dirty streaks. After recovered, it will be a poster about Wayang.
Ojo Doemeh (Javanese) means "Don't be Selfish".

source: Facebook @ Daniel Supriyono.

Mar 18, 2010

Tahu "POO" dari Kediri - Tofu "POO" from Kediri

Tofu "POO" has become a specialty of the town of Kediri, East Java, for a long time. It was tasty, and flexibility that can be served with a variety of menus has made people like it.
Label screen-printed on paper with a picture of a woman was carrying a plate full of tofu. Profile shows a modern woman, as well as tofu "POO" created with modern and easy way of cooking. Also written here "how to cook this". Very interesting and unique.
Tahu (Indonesian) means Tofu.
Sari Lezat (Indonesian) means delicious extract.
Simpan di dalam lemari es dan dapat digoreng langsung (Indonesian) means store in the refrigerator and it can be direct-fried.

Mar 10, 2010

Plastic Ants


Ants for plastic label. With cartoon-style drawings. Ants maybe used so that the plastic packaging is free of ants. Because this plastic usually used for wrapping sugar. Very funny. Found in Malang, East Java.
"Semut Hitam" means Black Ant (but not 'black' in that pictures).

Turkey for Noodle

Turkey for Mie Telor (egg noodles). The pictures on this label may be influenced by Western culture. Chef with a distinctive hat and turkey (kalkun). As we know, the turkey is rarely for menu in Indonesia. Few are those who raise turkeys for cultivated. Because there's no Thanks Giving Day tradition. Written at the bottom: "serba guna mudah sekali memasaknya" means: versatile and easy to cook.  
Screen printing on paper as a label. What do you think?

Mar 9, 2010

Bipang Gaya Baru - Bipang New Style

Bipang is a kind of snack made from fried glutinuous rice. Found in East Java, around Pasuruan.

What is the relation between "anchor" and this sticky rice snack? 
And the "New Style" tag? What kind of style that extremely new?

Gaya Baru (Indonesian) means New Style.
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