Apr 29, 2009


Jasmine tea : KEPALA JENGGOT
'kepala jenggot' means 'a man with a moustache'.
What's the reason that oldman used for a tea-label?
What is the relation between tea and moustache?
That's a very naive and funny question.
I think.

Apr 19, 2009


"Krupuk" means cracker/snack.
Made from maizena and fishy aroma.
A product of homemade industry from Malang, East Java.
This label only made by photocopied it on HVS paper.
Neither silkscreen nor printing.
How primitive, isn't it?
How naive, isn't it?


Jasmine tea: "Teh Gopek."

'Gopek' (Javanese) means 'direct picking from the tree by man not by machine, or 'fresh from the tree'.

This one from Slawi, Central Java, Indonesia.

Cigarette Paper Label "Djanoko"

Many people in Indonesia are still rolling his own cigarette. Especially in rural areas. They buy tobacco and cigarette paper separately, and then make his own cigarette. Here seen brand of cigarette paper are much in demand: Cigarette Paper "Djanoko". 

"Djanoko" was a popular wayang (leather puppet) character.
"Manis" means the cigarette paper taste is "sweet".

Apr 14, 2009

ONTJOM RAOS since 1950

Snack product label: ONTJOM RAOS.
Ontjom is a kind of snack/crackers made from milled-bean.
Raos means "taste good"
The label was silkscreened on a hard paper, stapled on a plastic packaging.
This one was from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Fermented Cassava

Product label: TAPE SINGKONG.
"Tape singkong" means a traditional food made from fermented cassava.
Silkscreen on HVS paper. 
The question are: Why Donald? Why Mickey?
From Malang and Bondowoso, East Java, Indonesia.

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