Sep 4, 2011

City Sticker = Stiker Kota

Book that review on stickers.
Wrote by Ugeng T. Moetidjo, Ardi Yunanto, Ade Darmawan & Mirwan Andan. 
Publisher: ruangrupa, Research & Development Division, 2008

This book contains about 1700s stickers from their collection, divided into 40 categories, from "Indonesian-ness", "Apparatus" to "Flora", "Fauna", "Women & Eroticism", "Playboy", even a very specific such as "Hitler" or "Bob Marley". For this type of sticker text-only, there are several more categories, namely: "Classic text", "Text warning", "Text caution", and "Text Message".

All that stickers decorate the city streets, the walls of buildings in alleys inexpensive metropolitan, or in various identity attributes of ordinary people in the city. Making cities, especially Jakarta, full of visual art's joke on stickers.

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