Sep 16, 2009

Photo-Realism for Snack Label

Label with photo of the product's owner on its package. This is for original-guaranted reason. In other words, products without this photo is not o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l. But it's weird, I think... I found it in Ponorogo, East Java.

note: according to Colonel Sander's - Kentucky Fried Chicken, he used sillhouette-style not photo-realism.

1 comment:

tukangpoto said...

Soalnya kita datang dari budaya yang berbeda dari Kolonel Sanders, mas. Kalau di sana siluet saja sudah cukup mewakili, kalau di sini semuanya harus jelas, jelas saja sering dipalsuin, apalagi kalau hanya siluet..he..he..he

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