Jan 3, 2010

Graphics Label for Lunpia, A Specific Indonesian Food

"Lunpia Mataram Bang Herman."
1) Lunpia is a kind of fried snacks.
Made from flour dough rolled up with the contents of bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, chicken and carrots. Ordinary served with hot tea. It's a typical food from Semarang, Central Java. 2) Mataram is the area of origin Lunpia. 3) Bang Herman was the cook or the owner.
It says here: "Jangan keliru ini yang asli" means: "Do not be mistaken this is the original". What guarantee? There is no hologram, there is also no original sticker. That means anyone can print these labels very easily. And that women just look sad, with her red dress. Why?

1 comment:

Gopril said...

Because Kang... she wanted her lumpia back !!! hahahaha...

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