Jan 26, 2012

Gambar Oemboel - Wayang Theme Playing Card

A full version of Gambar Oemboel with the theme of "Wayang".

What is Gambar Oemboel?
Gambar Oemboel (GO) is another form of comics. Popular toys in 1970 - 1980 in Indonesia. This sheet is cut into pieces and then thrown by 2 or more players. When its fall and pictorial side is visible you win, if the inverse mean loose. There are many themes of GO including American superheroes. Drawn by unknown artist

However, GO in the period 2000 until now increasingly unpopular. No reprint. There is only GO as antiques. Hunted by collectors to provide memories of the past.

Now, GO are not as popular as decades ago. GO has rarely played in a sense as before. They contain fragments of faces or scenes in movies, sitcoms, and soap opera which was famous at that time. For example: Teletubies, Meteor Garden, Sin Chan, Doraemon, Spongebob and Squarepant, and others. 

Memories of GO cannot easily separated from 'Indonesian 70's born" 
source: Facebook @ PTGO (Penggemar Toelen Gambar Oemboel)

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