Mar 18, 2010

Tahu "POO" dari Kediri - Tofu "POO" from Kediri

Tofu "POO" has become a specialty of the town of Kediri, East Java, for a long time. It was tasty, and flexibility that can be served with a variety of menus has made people like it.
Label screen-printed on paper with a picture of a woman was carrying a plate full of tofu. Profile shows a modern woman, as well as tofu "POO" created with modern and easy way of cooking. Also written here "how to cook this". Very interesting and unique.
Tahu (Indonesian) means Tofu.
Sari Lezat (Indonesian) means delicious extract.
Simpan di dalam lemari es dan dapat digoreng langsung (Indonesian) means store in the refrigerator and it can be direct-fried.

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