Apr 26, 2010

U.F.O. for Plastic Bag

Different from U.S. that used paper bags for wrapping, in Indonesia, plastic bags used for packing groceries. Supermarket, traditional market, and small shops accustomed to using plastic bags for wrapping customer's goods. From veggies to meats. From detergents to bottled waters. From snacks to rice or wheats. Therefore, many specialized companies producing plastic bags. As seen here one of plastic bags labelled: U-F-O. There's maybe a strong reasons to suggest ideas for flying saucer as the product name. Maybe UFO here is an abbreviation of Unidentified Funny Objects.  

Tas Plastik: plastic bag
Ukuran: size
Kuat: strong
Tidak berbau: odorless, not smelly
kualitas terjamin: quality guaranted

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